Author: Nicole Daniel


Freedom of Expression and Subjective Feelings of Fear at a Town Hall Protest

Political protest is undeniably an essential right in a free and democratic society, but constitutional protection of that right is not absolute; acts and threats of violence, which serve to...


Goliath Strikes Back: The Yaiguaje v Chevron Saga Continues

After the underdog Ecuadorians’ victory in Chevron Corp v Yaiguaje, 2015 SCC 42, which established that judgements against foreign corporations can be enforced against Canadian subsidiaries, the Goliath Chevron Corporation...


SCC Makes Promising Move Towards Destigmatizing Mental Harm, But Will Saadati Unleash the Spectre of Indeterminate Liability?

In its June decision, Saadati v Moorhead, 2017 SCC 28 [Saadati], the Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”) made a ground-breaking decision on psychiatric injury, moving in a bold direction away...