Category: Procedural Law

Queens Park

Snoop Dogg Clickbait and Free Speech: How the Challenges of Canadian Political Campaigns Will Test Ontario’s New Anti-SLAPP Legislation

In the past few months, Canadians have focused, often in disbelief, on the spectacle that is the 2016 United States Presidential Election. The latest controversy revolves around a New York Times article...

Rutigliano OPP

R v Rutigliano: Solicitor-Client Privilege and Abuse of Process

How are courts to deal with instances where solicitor-client privilege and the right to full answer and defence – both principles of fundamental justice, protected under section 7 of the...

Fraser BC

The Supreme Court of Canada Disagrees with Medical Experts in BC (Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal) v Fraser Health Authority

 “Causation can be inferred⎯even in the face of inconclusive or contrary expert evidence⎯from other evidence, including merely circumstantial evidence.” British Columbia (Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal) v Fraser Health Authority, 2016...