Thaddeus Hwong – A Quantitative Exploration of Judicial Decision Making in Canadian Income Tax Cases

A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Osgoode Hall Law School in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of philosophy in Law, March 2006, presented here with the permission of the author.

Thaddeus Hwong is an assistant professor at York University in Canada. Cross-appointed to the School of Administrative Studies and School of Public Policy and Administration, he teaches tax law and policy and conducts empirical research on tax law as an instrument of social and economic policy. He is co-editor of Canadian Review of Social Policy.

The monograph is available in two versions: the complete monograph as one PDF file, and the monograph separated into individual files, one for each chapter or part, the list of which follows. In both cases the files are in PDF.

The complete monograph — PDF file (2.3 MB)
The separated monograph:

  • Front Matter — PDF file (76.8 KB)
  • Contents — PDF file ( 198.1 KB)
  • Chapter 1 — Judges and Judicial Decision Making — PDF file (113.4 KB)
  • Chapter 2 — Review of Quantitative Research on Judicial Decision Making — PDF file (554.2 KB)
  • Chapter 3 — Linking Socio-demographic Characteristics of Supreme Court of
    Canada Justices to their Decisions — PDF file (1.0 MB)
  • Chapter 4 — Linking Socio-demographic Characteristics of Tax Court of Canada
    Judges to their Decisions — PDF file (506.6 KB)
  • Chapter 5 — Reflecting on Quantitative Analysis of Judicial Decision Making in
    Canada — PDF file (188.3 KB)
  • Appendices — PDF file (146.1 KB)
  • Bibliography — PDF file (148.7 KB)