BULLETIN: Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne signals potential provision of “new tools” to Toronto City Council for dealing with Ford situation

In a news conference at 2:30pm today, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said that she would consult with the other party leaders on how to assist Toronto City Council with the growing Ford crisis. She laid out a path for potential provincial intervention and signaled to council that the province would act if requested: “If council were to clearly indicate that they lack the ability to function as a result of this matter, the province would respond to a request from council to be provided new tools depending on what that request might be.”

Council has no legal authority to remove Ford. The only potential avenues for removing Ford would be his incarceration, council not holding a meeting for two months, Ford himself missing three months of council meetings, or a change in provincial law. Premier Wynne would be in a position to affect the latter avenue if her potential proposal received enough votes at the Ontario legislature.

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