Kraft Canada: Reactions around the Blogosphere

When the Euro-Excellence v. Kraft Canada, 2007 SCC 37 decision on parallel importing came down back on July 26, it provoked a wide array of blogger commentary from across the internet. On July 31, I posted about the plurality decision written by Rothstein J., which criticized Bastarache J.’s concurring opinion for restricting copyright protection only to ‘legitimate economic interests.’

Today’s post provides a short collection of links to some other, more interesting and capable reactions around the blogosphere. In no particular order,

Academic blogs:

Michael Geist, University of Ottawa: link

Ariel Katz, University of Toronto: link

Cameron Hutchison, University of Alberta: link

Norman Siebrasse, University of New Brunswick: link

Lex Feranda, a graduate student blog based out of Dublin, Ireland: link

Practitioner blogs:

Excess Copyright, based out of Ottawa, ON: link, based out of Calgary, AB: link

The Counterfeit Blog, based out of Miami, FL: link

The Gray Blog, based out of Miami, FL: link

Enjoy! And please post a comment letting me know if I’ve missed any.

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