PM Appoints Justice Thomas Cromwell to Supreme Court of Canada

The Prime Minister announced today the appointment of Justice Thomas Cromwell, of the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal, to the Supreme Court of Canada. Here is the text of the news release from the Prime Minister’s Website:

Justice Thomas Cromwell of the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal has officially been appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced today.

“The Supreme Court must have its full complement of nine judges in order to execute its vital constitutional mandate effectively,” said the Prime Minister. “Not only is Justice Cromwell one of Canada’s most respected jurists, his appointment will also restore regional balance to the Court which now, once again, has an Atlantic Canadian representative.”

The Prime Minister personally consulted with the new Leader of the Opposition prior to making Justice Cromwell’s appointment official. The Official Opposition has informed the Government that it welcomes Justice Cromwell’s appointment.

Citing the urgency of filling the eight-month vacancy on the Supreme Court as the source of this exception, the Prime Minister restated his commitment to returning to a formal mechanism through which Parliament can scrutinize future Supreme Court nominees.

“The Supreme Court rightly exists above partisan politics and Canadians of all political persuasions will benefit from its return to a full complement of judges,” the Prime Minister said.

A c.v. of Justice Cromwell is attached.

* * * *


Personal and Education Information:

Born in 1952 in Kingston, Ontario. Educated at Queen’s University, B. Music 1973, LL.B 1976, Royal Conservatory of Music, A.R.C.T. 1973, Oxford University, B. Civil Law 1977. Called to the Bar of Ontario in 1979 and to the Bar of Nova Scotia in 1984. Married June 6, 1980 to Della Stanley of Kingston, one child, Tom Cromwell.

Practice Information:

Partner, O’Hara,Cromwell and Wilkin, 1979-1982. Arbitrator and adjudicator under Trade Union Act, Civil Service Collective Bargaining Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Education Act, and the Canada Labour Code, 1984-1992. Vice-Chair, Labour Relations Board(Nova Scotia) and Construction Industry Panel, 1991-1992. Executive Legal Officer, Chambers of the Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Canada, 1992-1995. Litigation Associate, Weir and Foulds, 1995-1997.

Teaching Information:

Special Lecturer in Civil Procedure, Queen’s University, Faculty of Law 1980-1982. Associate Professor and Professor of Law, Dalhousie Law School 1982-1992 and 1995-1997.

Committee Participation Information:

Member, Board of Directors 1998 – and Chair of Board 2007-, Canadian Forum for Civil Justice. President 1999 – 2001 and Past President 2001-2003, Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice. Past President, President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and Executive Member 1983-1990, Canadian Association of Law Teachers. President and Vice President and Executive Member, Continuing Legal Education Society of Nova Scotia.

Judicial Career:

Judge of the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal 1997- .

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