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The Reasonableness of Extradition Assurances Against Torture in India v Badesha

In India v Badesha, 2017 SCC 44 [Badesha] the Supreme Court of Canada (“the Court”) weighed in on the extradition of two Canadian citizens charged in India for conspiracy to...


Protracted Immigration Detention and Compressed Proceedings: Habeas Corpus and Charter Claims in Brown v Canada (Public Safety)

In Brown v Canada (Public Safety), 2018 ONCA 14 [Brown], the Ontario Court of Appeal (“ONCA”) found that Alvin Brown’s rights not to be arbitrarily imprisoned or subjected to cruel and...


Return to Sender: Reasonable Expectations of Privacy in R v Marakah

How private are your private messages? Can the police read the texts you send to others? This post explores R v Marakah, 2017 SCC 59, in which the Supreme Court of...